Funk Flex took to Instagram Live on Thursday night, May 4, to address the backlash he's faced for going public with his account on what really went down when Tupac got shot at Quad Music Studios in New York City in 1994. In the hours leading up to the recording, Flex had been putting the word out that he'd be responding to T.I. and Suge Knight's son's criticism of the streams. When all was said and done what fans got from Flex was an emotional outpouring, during which he was adamant in driving home the point that while he loves Tupac for the contributions he made to the music, he will never forgive him for how he did B.I.G.

"Biggie. Notorious B.I.G. did not set him up in that studio that night, to get robbed. That is my only issue. That's my only issue," Flex began, before going into detail about what the word on the incident has firmly been around New York circles for over two decades. He maintains that Tupac absolutely knew that Biggie had nothing to do with the shooting, that it was an ultimate deflection from him having to deal with the real shooters, who he recognized and was aware might catch up with him over unresolved issues. The fact that Pac essentially made Biggie a target, Flex says, is what is at the root of his need to come out with his truth.

"He lied man, he lied. He f***ing lied man, and he never cleared it up. And then he died. And then Biggie died," Flex hollered at one point. He said, with his voice straining and eyes flooded with tears. He then addressed T.I., asserting that he wouldn't expect the Atlanta rapper to understand where he is coming from, but reminding him that he was actually amidst the drama, and watched it as it all went down, and lived with knowing that for all of these years nobody spoke up for Big, despite the fact that he "never, ever said nothing about him."

"T.I. you talking about G Code. That's not G Code. That ain't G Code. He lied, and Biggie died. That's my only issue! That's it! That's it bro! Why is that so hard?" said Flex. "You think that's cool? You think that's good? We worship that? I don't worship that, and I wont, and I don't have to!"