Jay Z's forever expanding Roc Nation has made room for one more client, and he is not a rapper or an athlete. The newest member of the Roc, it turns out, is a political analyst, and not just any political analyst. The company has reportedly inked a deal to have its management firm represent environmentalist guru and CNN host Van Jones.

“Van’s immense capacity for empathy builds bridges,” Jay-Z said in a statement issued on the signing. In Jones, Roc Nation claims a partnership with a Yale-educated lawyer who went on to climb the ranks of public policy to become an Obama appointee to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, by the age of 41. He would eventually step down from the post over pressure faced from Republican opposition who took exception to comments he made about the September 11 attacks, but soon reinvented himself as a political correspondent.

Jones is now most notable for hosting CNN's popular "The Messy Truth," which he established in an attempt to get the various voices of the divided nation to come to the table and communicate, following the polarizing election of Donald Trump to the office of Presidency. But he also continues to do work rooted in the spirit of his days as a community organizer, through his support of initiatives that address the prison industrial complex, and obstacles facing marginalized citizens.

Source: ValdTV & thefader.com