Puff Daddy and his son, Christian - rap name King Combs - stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to speak on hip-hop hot topics and Puffy's recent run-in with the law. Though he touches on the UCLA kettleball incident, the most interesting tidbit from the morning show is when the hip-hop mogul speaks on Drake and his current beef with Meek Mill.

As most of us know, Diddy and Drake allegedly got into an altercation over Drake's track, "0 to 100." Apparently the beat was originally meant for Puffy, and reports say he slapped Drizzy because of it, though he's quick to deny that anything took place. "I did not put hands on Drake. And I do not want any problems with Drake," he states as he continuously calls the confrontation a mere "misunderstanding." Most would be surprised to know that Puff actually thinks very highly of his former enemy. "Honestly, Drake is actually my favorite rapper - as far as songwriting and albums," he admits.

When asked about the long-winded Drake versus Meek Mill saga, Puff Daddy doesn't directly come out and say Drake was the winner, but says "Meek is my boy, and you know, at the end of the day, when it comes to the situation it's all about the lyrics and everything." After speaking on the fact that his voice was used on "Wanna Know," he pleads with Drake to not drop a diss track towards him. "Ayo Drake, please, please don't do no 'Back To Back To Back'...It wasn't me," Diddy begs amidst the laughter in the studio. "I see you, '6 God,' it wasn't me."

Watch as he accepts a gift from 50 Cent, talks marriage, King Los and King Combs' budding rap career with The Breakfast Club above.