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what can I say, I am a die hard jersey fan so of course I love this DVD set. "party's here!"
  Oussama Touiti

very good. I brought one two year ago. this year I buy 2, one I replace on the mechine
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The shirt is all that and more. Fits perfect, the wicking works perfect and is very comfortable. I love it!
  Wong Kheh Hee

I love this shirt, it fits great, is very soft, and looks good. Only problem is that I spilled bleach on the front of it but I will replace it with another shirt, exactly the same. That's how much I like it.
  Sierra Lee

Great t shirt for the price.
  Samantha Mears

By far the best short sleeve jersey I've owned. The material is durable, it does not fade (color) and has stood the test of 2 washes per week for 2 months without a string out of place. I'm sold on vizari jerseys.
  Imane Touzani

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