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'Rampage 2018 Movie Full' review: Big, dumb fun with Dwayne Johnson and giant monsters

Rampage Download

In "Rampage 2018 Movie Full, " a spacecraft loaded with a dangerous substance explodes while entering Earth's atmosphere. The stuff is the result of "genetic editing" by an amoral corporation, and when it's exposed to an organism, it gets larger, faster and stronger, and amps their aggression. Three chunks of debris end up in the continental U. S.: One lands in a San Diego animal sanctuary, where it's inhaled by a gorilla. Another lands in a Wyoming forest, where it alters a wolf. The third ends up in the Everglades, and it mutates an alligator Visit: https://123moviefull.com/rampage/.

It goes without saying that this is officially Not Good. But it sets the mind to wander. What if some of it landed on a whale? Or in the middle of a penguin colony? What about the bacteria in the air - is that exempt from mutation? How about the bugs and worms in the crater? Thank the screenplay gods it didn't land in a squirrel refuge, or the movie would be a quest for boulder-sized acorns to satiate the ravenous hunger of rodents the size of panel vans.

Rampage Download

Of course , the movie has source material, which demands conformity to precedent. "Rampage 2018 Movie Full" is based on a 1986 arcade-video game in which the user controls a giant gorilla, wolf or lizard as they smash cities into rubble and dust. As a bigger fan of Godzilla and King Kong than the boring humans who try to take them down with tanks and airplanes, my young self found the game rather enjoyable, which predisposes me to like the movie somewhat[https://123moviefull.com/rampage/].

"Rampage 2018 Movie Full, " however , is not nearly as good as other films in the recent creature-feature revival. The 2014 "Godzilla" reboot, which had something to say besides "LOOK AT ALL THE CARNAGE! ", stomps all over it, and 2017's "Kong: Skull Island" was a far more endearing and visually creative bit of escapism.

Rampage Download

Directed by Brad Peyton ("San Andreas"), "Rampage 2018 Movie Full" is a generic display of digital destruction. To its credit, it doesn't take itself seriously, and when you need a movie to not take itself seriously, you cast Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as your lead. He offers his usual lightweight, likeable balance of sincerity and winking camp as the hero, Davis Okoye. The character is like most every Johnson role, in that he plays a thinly rendered, good-natured slab of butt-kicking muscle anchoring a movie covering up its lack of ambition with several layers of mega-sized violence. Okoye has enough distinctive traits to count on one hand wrapped around a machine-gun handle. He is the latest rendition of The Rock's Movie Persona, who I'm certain will deliver good, convincing dialogue one day, assuming someone ever writes some for him [Rampage 2018 Movie Full].

Rampage Download

Okoye works in the San Diego sanctuary. He's a former Special Forces soldier who can effectively communicate with gorillas. He's also more ripped than the gorillas - surely a result of less bananas and more whey in his diet. You know - he's your average American guy who stars in unambitious Hollywood action movies. Did I mention he can pilot a helicopter? Well, he can pilot a helicopter.

Rampage 2018 Movie Full:He's also the type of guy who prefers the company of animals. His best buddy is George, a hyper-intelligent albino gorilla, a gentle giant of sorts. Okoye taught him sign language, including but not limited to that one gesture. No, not the one with the thumb. Or the one with the thumb and the pinkie. The other one. Right. That one. The one that's almost funny when a primate does it.

Rampage Download

Anyway, George is exposed to the stuff, and before you can say gee whiz, he's smashing through walls and terrorizing the populace. You'd think the sanctuary, having been hit with space debris exposing its star gorilla to a dangerous pathogen, might close for the day, but no, the place surely needs the revenue. Keeping a nonprofit afloat is a bitch, ain't it?

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